For Rent Casa La Onda

High above Santa Teresa, Casa La Onda gives you a bird’s-eye view of spectacular Costa Rica coastline and dense tropical jungle. Located in a small, private community in the hills of Santa Teresa, only a 6-minute drive to the village and beach, this 3200 sq ft. three-bedroom luxury vacation home inspires peace, relaxation, and sharing quality time together.

Walk into the Balinese-style beach house and your eyes immediately center on the beautiful infinity pool seeming to continue forever into the blue horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

Plenty of comfortable chilling space lets you enjoy natural cooling breezes, beautiful views, and nature. Daybeds in an open-air rancho are perfect for sharing a glass of wine and watching the sunset. Spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms feature canopied king beds and private bathrooms with indoor-outdoor showers in private gardens.

Enjoy the luxury and privacy of your own vacation home with the amenities of a high-end resort, including a personal concierge and on-site housekeeper.

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